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Workshop Programme 2010

15 July:
09.15-09.45     Registration with Coffee

09.45-10.00     Introduction

10.00-11.00     Keynote (Speaker: Michael Mann, Chair: Sonja Hegasy)

11.00-11.15     Break

11.15-12.45    Panel 1:  Print, Satire and Colonialism
Swarali Paranjape (University of Heidelberg): Marathi satire in the era of colonialism
Chaiti Basu (University of Heidelberg): Panchu Thakur: Indranath Bandyopadhyay’s (1849-1911) Response to the Colonial Cultural Encounter in Late 19th Century Bengal
Prabhat Kumar (University of Heidelberg): Situating Cartoon in the Hindi Literary Sphere
                        Chair: Heike Liebau (ZMO, Berlin)

12.45-13.45     Lunch

13.45-15.45    Panel 2: Print, Identity and Nationalism
Dhrupadi Chattopadhyay (University of Heidelberg): ‘Transcreating’ spaces? A review of nineteenth century Indian Writing in English, with a special focus on Toru Dutt
Simin Patel (Oxford University): A Cosmopolitan Crisis: The Bombay Riots of 1874
Pragya Dhital (SOAS, London): Paper chains: an investigation of cross-border commerce in north Indian print-media
Luzia Savary (ETH, Zürich): Muslim Reformist Discourse on Women in Late 19th-Century India: Discussions on Pardah in the Hyderabadi Urdu Magazine for Women Mu‘allim-i nisvān
Chair: Michael Mann (Humboldt University, Berlin)

15.45-16.00     Break

16.00-17.00    Panel 3: Islam and identity in South Asia
Shazia Ahmad (SOAS, London)): Proselytizing through Print: The Ahmadiyya from 1880-1908
Sadia Bajwa (Humboldt University, Berlin): The Genealogy of the Nationalist Historiography of Pakistan: An Analysis of Historiography in the Context of the Emergent ‘Muslim Nationalist’ Discourse, 1857-1947.
                        Chair: Dietrich Reetz (ZMO, Berlin)

16 July
09.15-09.30     Coffee & Tea
09.30-11.30     Panel 4: Transnational history, knowledge and communication
Uffa Jensen (MPI, Berlin): Universal Knowledge of the Self? The Transnational History of Psychoanalysis in Calcutta (and Berlin and London), 1910-1940
Maria Moritz (Jacobs University, Bremen): A South Asian Cosmopolitan: Bhagavan Das and the critique of the Theosophical Society, (1913-1914)
Amelia Bonea (University of Heidelberg): Telegraphy and news: Changing perceptions of time and place in nineteenth-century Indian newspapers
Tobias Delfs (Zürich University): Between individual freedom and external necessities: Misbehaviour of Protestant missionaries in 18th and early 19th century India
                        Chair: Harald Fischer-Tiné (ETH, Zürich)

11.30-11.45     Break

11.45-12.45     Panel 5: Politics of imperialism and (post)-colonialism
Manuela Ciotti (Leiden University): Fairs and counter-fairs’: Colonial and postcolonial India through the exhibition ‘The Empire strikes back: Indian art today’, London Saatchi Gallery, 2010’
Alexis Wearmouth (University of Dundee): The Origins and Growth of Foreign Direct Investment in the Calcutta Jute Industry by a Scottish Multinational Enterprise – a Case Study of Thomas Duff & Co, 1872-1896.
Chair: Aditya Sarkar (University of Göttingen)

12.45-13.45     Lunch

13.45-15.15     Panel 6: Labour: Technology, identity, policies
Anna Sailer (University of Göttingen): The Many Names of Jute. Concepts of Labour in Late Colonial Dictionaries and Manuals
Nitin Varma (University of Heidelberg): Making tea: technology, labour process and coolie labour on Assam tea plantation
Sara Elmer & Christine Whyte (ETH, Zürich): Why was slavery bad? The global anti-slavery movement in Nepal and Sierra Leone, 1920-1930
Chair: Rana Behal (International Research Centre, Humboldt University, Berlin)

15.15-15.30     Break
15.30-17.00    Panel 7: New Media and social identities
Mette Gabler (Humboldt University, Berlin): The Good Life – Buy 1 Get 1 Free. Messages of Outdoor Advertising for Social Change in Urban India
Fritzi Titzmann (Humboldt University, Berlin): Translocal and local dynamics of a global media phenomenon: Changing female subjectivity and agency in the Indian online matrimonial market
Pierre Gottschlich (University of Rostock): Apu, Neela, and Amita: Stereotypes of the Indian Diaspora in Mainstream American TV Shows
                        Chair: Anna Sailer (University of Göttingen)

From 7             Conference Diner

17 July
09.15-09.30     Coffee & Tea

09.30-11:00    Panel 8: Individual project presentation
Patrick Hesse (Humboldt University, Berlin): Dialectics of freedom and tradition: Religion and the communist movement
Lisa Sturm (Humboldt University, Berlin): The American-India Trade in the Context of Global Transformations 1784-1830
Jamilia Adeli (Humboldt University, Berlin): Art, market and the media: Contemporary art (worlds) in India since economic liberalization
                        Chair:  Maria Framke (Jacobs University Bremen)

11.00-11.15     Break

11.15-12.15    Panel 9: Education in South Asia: Experiments and controls
Monika Freier (MPI, Berlin): Teaching Ideals and Feelings: Moral Education in Colonial Northern India
Jana Tschurenev (ETH, Zürich): Imperial Experiments in Education. Monitorial Schooling in India and Britain (1789-1835)
Chair: Nitin Sinha (ZMO, Berlin)

12.15 – 13.00   Lunch

13.00-15.00     Round Table
Harald Fischer-Tiné (ETH, Zürich)
Margrit Pernau (MPI, Berlin)
Dietrich Reetz (ZMO, Berlin)
Dietmar Rothermund

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